Architectural Change Request

Homeowner associations (HOAs) use architectural and structural controls to maintain a consistent and desirable look and feel for the neighborhood,

while also ensuring the safety of residents. Here's a breakdown of what these controls entail: Architectural Control

This focuses on the visual aspects of a property's exterior. An HOA may have guidelines for things like:

Exterior paint colors and materials: This helps create a cohesive aesthetic throughout the neighborhood.

Roofing materials and styles: This ensures a consistent look and protects property values.

Windows, doors, and other exterior fixtures: HOAs may want to limit drastic changes to maintain a specific architectural style.

Landscaping: This can involve restrictions on plant types, fences, and placement of outdoor structures.

Structural Control

This ensures modifications comply with safety standards and don't negatively impact the structural integrity of a property or surrounding ones. An HOA might regulate:

Additions and renovations: Obtaining approval ensures proper construction methods are used and weight limits aren't exceeded.

Fences, decks, and patios: HOAs may have guidelines on materials, height restrictions, and placement to avoid safety hazards or blocking views.

Satellite dishes and antennas: Placement restrictions can prevent them from becoming eyesores or creating obstructions.

Benefits of Architectural and Structural Control

Preserves property values: Maintaining a consistent aesthetic and preventing unapproved construction can enhance curb appeal and property values within the neighborhood.

Protects safety: HOA guidelines can help ensure modifications comply with building codes and avoid creating hazards.

Promotes a sense of community: A well-maintained neighborhood with a consistent style fosters a sense of pride and belonging among residents. It's important to note that HOA control levels can vary. Make sure you review your HOA's Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) to understand the specific architectural and structural guidelines that apply to your property. If you're unsure about a planned modification, consult your HOA board before starting any work.


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