Update Owner's Property Access and Safety Profile

Lakes of Bent Tree installed a new gate system in July 2023.

Resident Access

Resident access, TollTag. Automated resident access to the community is via a toll window sticker (e.g., TollTag, TxTag, EZ Tag, PIKEPASS, or K-Tag). Your profile and toll sticker serial number must be on file with the Association for this to work. Click here to register your toll sticker and update your profile.

Sticker numbers are located on the back of the sticker. The number is visible inside the vehicle (click on the photo to enlarge). If you don't have a toll sticker, you can order one here (click here). They are $20.00. The Association does not charge fees to your toll account.

Resident access, cellphone. Residents can enter using the "CellGate Mobile Connect" phone app.

Resident access, kiosk. Residents can also enter using the keypad on the front gate console. Your family password will be a five-digit number assigned to you. Please share your family passcode only with people living in the home.

Diligence in managing your profile is essential as it affects everyone's privacy in the community.

Visitor Access

Visitor access, directory. Your guest can look you up on the directory and reach you via the kiosk (click the photo on the right to enlarge). Expected and unexpected visitors can call you from the gate. You can let them in by pressing 9. 

Visitor access, QR code. If you install the phone app, you can send your visitors a QR code for their phone. They can show that code to a reader on the gate console to gain entry. Your visitor will show the gate console the QR code you emailed, and the gate will open. Click here to see what a QR code looks like.

Delivery access, passcode: FedEx, UPS, Amazon, Atmos Energy, TXU, Spectrum, Dallas Water/Trash, and Oncor use the "delivery" password that changes every January. It is only good for the hours 8 AM to 8 PM.

The delivery password is not for family, friends, Ubers, pizza delivery, AC contractors, etc. Please have them call you from the kiosk.

Resident Set-up

Set-up, simple. Fill out your profile form. Please update the name (last name and first initial) and the associated phone number for each name to be listed in the directory. This phone number is the one that will be dialed by the computer when your guest is at the gate waiting to be admitted.

Please provide a license plate and a vehicle description for all vehicles parked on the property. This information is useful when police review our camera footage (e.g., in case of a break-in) or if the board investigates unfamiliar vehicles parked in the community.

Set-up, advanced features. Download the CellGate Mobile Connect app and follow the installation instructions.

All information provided by you will be treated as confidential.

The online form is located here.

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