CellGate Mobile Connect

> STEP ONE: Download the CellGate Mobile Connect app to your phone:
STEP TWO: Print out the Safety Profile that was emailed to you on July 8, 2023

STEP Three: Open app and select all options.

STEP Four: .Go to the next page and enter your log-in (the email address from your Security Profile) and password  (use "Welcome1"). Select all other options. Note, only the email associated with a TollTag number on the Safety Profile will work.

You're set up!

Additional suggestions; 
  • Add "Front Gate" (972) 231-1999 to your phone directory/contacts list.
  • Go to "Settings" in the CellGate Mobile Connect app and select Biometric Sign in. This will make the app react more quickly to calls coming in from the Gate Console Directory..
  • Go to "Reset Password" in the CellGate Mobile Connect app and customize your password
  • Make a note on your Safety Profile that the password for UPS, FedEx, Amazon is now 40923 (previously it was six digits 040923).


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