Payment account options

This is a guide to help you set up the best payment plan for your needs. If you haven't already set up your CondoCafe Account, please do that first.

CondoCafe Payment Account (link)Owners may pay their assessments in the same place they check their account balances. CondoCafe offers a broader portfolio of payment options. CondoCafe is essential for owners on the TXU master electric account as they can set up payments to automatically adjust to their seasonally different monthly balances.

There is a convenience charge for CondoCafe payment services .
  • ACH-automatic monthly preset payment amt (No charge) 
  • ACH-automatic monthly variable payment amt ($1/draft, $12year) 
  • ACH-manual payment ($2/draft, $24/year) 
  • Debit Card ($4/draft, $48/year) 
  • Credit card (2%-3%/draft, $125 - $240/year) 
Note: After setting up your CondoCafe ACH payment, you will be asked to make a small deposit into your bank account. You will need to log back into CondoCafe and tell it how much was deposited. This is how your bank account is verified.

Alliance Association Bank Online (link) Owners may also set up a payment account and make their payments directly to the Association's bank. There is no third party fee and no mail float. This is a free service. Owners will still need to have a Condo Cafe' Account account to see you balances.
You will need the following info to set up your account
Mgmt Co: 7804
Assoc: LBT
Homeowner: 5 _ _ _ [your Westgrove street number, only]

Mail and "Bill Pay" For owners who prefer to use "Bill Pay" services provided by their own bank, or who prefer to pay by check, LoBT has a dedicated lock box at the Association Alliance Bank.  Please know that "bill pay" is a mail in service and subject to postal delays. Please

Address checks to:
Lakes of Bent Tree
c/o SNL Associates (TX) 
PO BOX 94504 
Las Vegas, NV 89193-4504 

Write on check or include with payment
Mgmt Co: 7804 
Assoc: LBT 
Homeowner: 5 _ _ _ [your Westgrove street number, only]

How are your neighbors paying?

In 2022, 79% of LoBT homeowners paid electronically. Electronic payment bypasses the reliability issues of both the US Postal Service and manual bookkeeping. It also eliminates the mail float of "Bill Pay" services.


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