Pet Registration

Registration and board approval is required before bringing any animal into the community for any period of time.

Unfortunately, in the past, there have been pet-to-pet deaths, animal-to-human injuries, and numerous lawsuit conflicts over how owners have managed (mismanaged) their pets. This process is a bit of oversight and structure, as provided for in the deed restrictions, to help us all live in concert together. To encourage compliance, violations of this policy are subject to an automatic and initial fine of $2,000 with an additional per diem fine of $200 until remedied. But the problems and the fines can be easily avoided.
We all love these guys and we all want to be good neighbors.

Basic pet requirements:
  • Permitted Animals are limited to domesticated dogs (canis familiaris), domesticated cats (felis catus), caged birds, and aquarium animals. Non-traditional pets, exotic animals, farm animals, and wildlife are prohibited.
    An Owner may keep up to two (2) domesticated dogs/cats within a condo unit, each not to exceed thirty (30) pounds in weight at maturity.
  • Prospective Owners who desire to purchase a condo and bring an animal to the community must apply for and receive written approval from the board of directors prior to occupying the condo unit.
  • Existing Owners who desire to acquire a new animal must apply for and receive written approval from the Board prior to bringing any animal to the community.
  • Temporary boarding of any animal at any time requires prior written approval from the Board.
The pet policy is available to review here. To ensure transparency, this document is filed in Dallas County Real Estate records, there are three signs posted on the property, and the policy is posted on the website. For home buyers, this policy is provided for inspection during the documents option period. Additionally, prospective owners must sign this short form (click here) prior to the document review period to ensure they are aware of the policy and that it is not lost in the many pages of documents involved in a home sale. As a courtesy, most listing agents receive the policy when the property is listed.  The policy is also listed in the new owners' Welcome Brochure.

File your pet request here:


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