There was light at Christmas

Both the north and south entrances are dressed in holiday garland, lights and wreaths.

So what are your thoughts? What should we do in 2020? Who would like to be involved? 

This year we rented decorations from a company who provided commercial grade garland, lights, and wiring to help avoid some of the installation problems of prior years.

The installation and decorations were solid and held up well.

We still, however, experienced some outages related to the electrical service we have in place. We did our best to stay on top of it and the vendor came and repaired and kept us in lights for the season. Ultimately, the power outlets and lines for both the north and south gate lighting had to be replaced with upgraded commercial style outlets.

Working with a commercial vendor made it clear that we need to improve the infrastructure and that commercial grade decorations are far more durable in the weather. It was also clear that owning would be more economical than renting and that plans for Christmas decorations should be finalized during the summer.

And just like that, another Holiday season is in nearing our memories. Here’s to wishing all our Lakes of Bent Tree residents a bountiful and healthy 2020!


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