Board appoints replacements

The Lakes of Bent Tree board of directors named new officers; Robert Bauer (Interim President) and Joy Dennis (Vice President)and Brian Wenning (Interim Secretary), filling officer vacancies left by directors who could not finish their terms.

Emily Christodoulides is our new CMA property manager, replacing JoAnne Hart. The leadership for the remainder of the 2019-2020 year (July- June) will be:

Property Management 
Property manager: (Emily Christodoulides)
Interim President (Robert Bauer)
Vice President Routine Operations (Joy Dennis)
Interim Secretary & ACC & CCR Review (Brian Wenning)
Treasurer (Steve Solcher)
Director & Liaison to Communications and Social Committees (Robyn Parrott)

Architectural Control (Brian Wenning)
Landscaping (Joy Dennis, Elizabeth Willis, Nancee Wenning)
Social/Welcoming (Robyn Parrott, Mary Louise Benning, Alicia Scribner)

The community will elect board members for the next term in June. Other articles on board staffing are here.


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