Why your trashcan smells so bad

It's the decomposition in the meat, blood, and other organic material. One solution - you can have your trash bins steam cleaned once a month on Thursday afternoon for $10 per month.

The Lakesof Bent Tree promo-code is HOAMONTH. You can sign up here: https://www.bincense.com/register/

The smell is a combination of the gases of decomposition in the rotting meat, blood, and other organic material (putrescine, indole, and in some cases, skatole) and the absorption of these odors into the plastic bin itself. The more decomposition, the more pronounced the smell.

Steam stops the decomposition and scents are added to the plastic to change its absorbed odor. Your bins will be cleaned on the afternoon of trash day (Thursday). Cleaned bins will be marked with green tape, indicating that they have been serviced.

This is a voluntary program. You are not obligated to participate. Bincense is not affiliated with any homeowner or board member.


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