Making a good impression with new owners!

Let's make a good impression with our new community members!

The Lakes of Bent Tree and the Bent Tree area attracts homeowners who are looking for a specific style and a quality living experience. Neighborhood fellowship is a big part of that.

It takes time for new owners to settle in. Time to customize their home. Time to learn the culture and the rules and adapt their lifestyle to this great community and to some unusual aspects that take getting used to (e.g., garages without driveways).

Welcoming new neighbors requires a little patience on our part as moving trucks block our driveway or their contractors hammer away for hours installing new cabinets or their dog breaks away and runs loose behind our homes.

The welcoming committee starts the process by providing a welcome packet which includes a welcome letter, a hard copy community orientation brochure, a gift certificate to Maguire's Restaurant, and most importantly, a warm personal welcome.

The rest is up to us; to nurture and develop a culture of fellowship and mutual respect.

See the email version of orientation brochure here


  1. This is helpful information. I gave a copy to my tenant.

  2. Nice addition, but we probably need to correct the nearest hospital to be accurate or list all 3: Methodist, Baylor and then Presbyterian Plano.

    1. We appreciate the feedback and encourage more.

      In this case, we looked at Methodist. Methodist is a specialty hospital; surgical services for spine, orthopedics, and ear nose & throat and podiatry. Methodist has no emergency walk in services.

      Our intent was to provide the best resource for a newcomer facing a serious emergency, experiencing some panic, and needing to act decisively.

      We selected the hospital in the brochure based on consultations with City of Dallas ambulance dispatch. In a serious emergency, minutes count. They work this every day.

      Presbyterian Plano is where they would dispatch most emergencies from our address (6.6 miles). It is a Level II trauma center which has many Level I capabilities. There are only 25 in Texas.

      Medical City Plano is where they would dispatch most gunshot or severe injury trauma (6.1 miles). While it is closer, they say the travel time is 5 -15 minutes longer. It is a Level I trauma center. They would dispatch there for special situations. There are only 18 in Texas.

      Presbyterian Plano and Medical City are listed as trauma services by the state

      Presbyterian Plano, Medical City, and Baylor are listed as stroke centers by the state

  3. Sorry for negative feedback but a woman yelled at me for walking behind my own home. I explained I was the new owner and have not yet moved in but she was undeterred. It was midafternoon and I was outside for less than 5 minutes. I look forward to meeting her in a different setting but thought I would share this feedback.


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