Spring cleaning dumpster

There was a large "spring cleaning" dumpster on property for 20 days starting Wednesday April 29th.

It is estimated that over 10,000 pounds of trash was hauled off. The dumpster was filled twice.

This was an opportunity for residents to clean their garage or attic and dispose of bulk trash.

It was also an opportunity for the Association to clean out the south property storage area in anticipation of stocking it with brick pavers for sidewalk repairs, as well as, repair parts and landscaping materials for the common areas.

Special thanks to Dennis Bellotto for suggesting the idea. Thanks to the board members who cleaned out the common storage areas.

Note: On the future please do not not use City of Dallas roll-carts for flammable, toxic, hazardous, or corrosive materials such as tires, paints, motor oil, batteries, and fuels. Please do not let contractors dispose of paint, mortar, or chemicals on the lawn or in the storms drains. Fifteen percent of the obstructed storm drains were filled with construction debris.

The The City of Dallas operates a free collection location for disposing of these other materials. Click here to find out more.


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