Seasonal color; cleaning the entry

Some of the old, overgrown or "woody" shrubs at the entrance were replaced with new material. The illumination of both east side signs was repaired. The shrubs in the island were replaced with ground cover. Minor irrigation changes are being made so that everything will get water.



The overall goal is to have this large 10,000 square foot entry look large and graceful again and to stay with the the stately "country club" style of the original landscape architecture.
The replacement plant material included Japanese Yew, Japanese Boxwood, Dwarf Yaupon holly, Japanese Holly Fern, Asian Jasmine and St. Augustine sod - all shade tolerant and disease resistant material that is prevalent in the community and recommended by Texas A&M for low light conditions.

Sunshine Ligustrum will be used as an accent color near the community signs and in in the center bed inside the gates. Begonias will be planted around the monument sign and inside the gates.
Additional cleanup up will needed at the entry and that will be attended to in time. 

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  1. The north entry looks fabulous!

  2. This was long overdue. When will the flowers be planted? You guys rock.

  3. Please add the upkeep and beautification of the South side. It is in much needed maintenance.

  4. Very tastefully done.


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