The LBT "rules" police

One thing more annoying than being cited for an HOA rules violation is...

OK. Maybe there is is nothing more annoying.

If you received a note from Association/CMA, please do not take it personally. Most are just reminders put in the system when CMA patrols the community. No one is being singled out. Board members get them, too.

HOA rules are both the upside and downside of Association living. Owners often want others (or someone) to be more compliant, and at the same time, want understanding for their "minor" transgressions. Homeowners often want the Association to mitigate their complaints so they can remain anonymous. Homeowners feel personally violated when they get notices. HOA boards often delegate enforcement to a management company to stay out of the line of fire. It's the same routine in every HOA.

Finding a happy medium is hard. The board is trying to find the right balance.

There have been numerous requests since the beginning of the year for stricter rules enforcement. The offenses that draw the most ire are:
  1. construction/remodeling/dumpsters,
  2. parking cars in driveways/fire lanes,
  3. walking dogs behind the homes,
  4. trash collection,
  5. noise
Request: Let's work together to keep things reasonable. We are not all on the same page all the time - the week one owner decides to remodel a kitchen might be the same week their neighbor is returning home from the hospital. The expectations of each can be both reasonable and in conflict at the same time. Communicating with your neighbors is helpful.

Commitment: While the board wants to resolve violations they want to do so without offending you. Everything should pass the reasonableness test. Fines are only for chronic offenders and after ample warning.  The majority of violation notices are reminders.

Admittedly, the CMA format for rules violation notices is cryptic and not too friendly. The board has tried to adjust the letter style without success. CMA uses one format for all its associations. Please don't take it personally - its bureaucracy, not contempt.


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