Winter lawn planting today

The landscapers are in the process of seeding in a winter lawn today and will finish the remainder of the property (5002-5036 Westgrove) on Monday.

Currently the summer lawn is being scalped, seven hundred and fifty pounds of seed will be planted, and the irrigation system will be set to water 4 times a day for 3-4 minutes until the seed fully germinates. There should be a full lawn in place in before the holiday season.

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This years program differs significantly from last years in that the Association is using a high end seed that doesn't grow very tall, has a thinner blade, and is a darker green color.  Also, the landscapers scalped the summer lawn down as recommended by Texas A&M (see photo to right, click to enlarge) and will discontinue the 4x daily watering as soon as the seed germinates rather than continue it through the winter. [Update: 4x daily watering was discontinued on October 23rd.]

Under the new landscaping contract, and with the Association purchasing the seed directly from the wholesaler, the program will cost $1,800. Last year, the program cost just under $5,000. These saving have been
invested in other landscaping improvements.

Note: Dog urine will damage the rye grass especially during the germination period. We ask all dog owners to not walk their dogs on the grassy areas in front of the units for the next few weeks while the grass sets up.


  1. What about the backs of the unit? The entire area was seeded last year as opposed to just the front. Is it cheaper this year also because the area to be seeded is limited?

    1. The entire area was seeded this year, as well. The areas between the east side buildings and the waterway, and the west side buildings and the Knoll Trail privacy wall were seeded on September 26th and September 28th. If you have an area that did not germinate, please let CMA know.


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