Brick paver repairs

Alfonso, a stone mason's helper with 25 years experience, is working small paver repairs in the community - re-pointing joints, and leveling heaved bricks.

The community has purchased and inventoried 1,000 pavers and has them in the south storage area.

Alfonso is a solo contractor. He works for LBT on days that he is not working for a large contractor. He is completing projects for less than 25% of the quotes we received from two large commercial brick laying companies.

Alfonso is qualified to do flat work; not walls or fences. His work has been good, he enjoys working at LBT, and he has been very reliable.

Thus far, big projects have been completed at 5020-22, 5032-34, 5038, 5050, and 5126-28 Westgrove. Smaller projects have been completed at 18 other locations.


  1. Can you tell us what homes are scheduled for repair?

  2. Please contact the board if you have a specific request. The contractor working his way through the community and repair the most significant areas right now.


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