Rolling blackouts in effect

The community is facing 120 consecutive hours of temperatures below freezing with temperatures predicted to be as low as 7º F on Monday and Tuesday.

ERCOT has reported that there isn't enough power to fully serve Texas for the next two days and power is being rationed. Rolling power blackouts began at LBT at 2:00 AM, February 15th. The electric power initially cycled off for 15 minute intervals, but larger intervals (45 minutes) are possible. More information.

If you have a pipe break and/or water emergency, call Dallas Water Emergency at 214-670-5111. The board volunteers have a water meter key and may be able to turn off a home's water in the event of a pipe break. Text or email a board member after calling Dallas Water Emergency.

See all articles about the "2021 freeze" here: <click here> .

Here are a few tips for avoiding weather-related disasters at home: 

  • Allow a small trickle of water to run overnight, preferably through the faucets on outside walls. 
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets so so that warmer air can circulate below the sinks. 
  • Have an emergency plan in case temperatures drop in your home, a faucet stops working, or a pipe bursts.
Six owners with known vacant units were phoned/texted and encouraged to take freeze precautions. Volunteers shut off the water at one unit. If you know of any vacant units, please send a note to the board and someone will reach out. The irrigation system was turned off last Wednesday. Freeze caps were installed on outdoor faucets last Thursday (there are extra caps if anyone needs one). The bathroom by the pool has been winterized (please do not use it).


  1. Oncor: ue to record-breaking electric demand and reduced power generation as a result of the extreme winter weather, rotating outages are now in effect. Rotating outages are controlled, temporary interruptions of electrical service that rotate through different parts of the electric grid. These outages typically last 15-45 minutes in each area but may vary. Conservation remains critical and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) continues to urge all Texans to limit and reduce their electric use as much as possible. Even small steps, such as turning down the thermostat to 68 degrees, turning off and unplugging non-essential lights and appliances, and avoiding the use of large appliances like washers, dryers and dishwashers, can help make a difference.

  2. The loss of power from 6AM to 8:30AM was not a rolling blackout, it was a repairable event. Repairable events and estimated repair time are are listed here:

  3. The front entrance and exit gates are locked in the open position since 10:00 AM to insure access through the rolling blackouts over the next 48 hours.

  4. Power is off again at 12:14 PM. Rolling blackout?

  5. Thank you for the rolling black out information; much less anxiety-producing now that Mom knows to expect it. Just wanted to pass this along so your residents know there is more bad weather with snow expected Tues-Thurs. Glad the heat came back on over there this morning! Take good care, Carmen

  6. Power went back on today at 9:00 AM.

  7. BREAKING WATER PIPES and frozen pipes are being reported throughout the community. It's a huge strain on the plumbing systems to be in extended sub-freezing conditions with no internal heat.

    If you have a frozen pipe in the house (i.e, non-functional water spigot) call a plumber immediately, It is advisable to shut the water off at the street and open your faucets to drain the water and water pressure out of your lines. If a pipe freezes and breaks a line, it often doesn't leak until things warm up and can be a gusher.

    If all your spigots are working, be sure to run drip your faucets.

  8. Thirteen owners have had pipes burst today as their homes warmed up.

    If you have a faucet in your home that is not working, it is highly recommended that you shut of the water at the street and open all your faucets (including shower and commode) to drain the water out of your pipes.

  9. There will be no trash collection this week.

  10. UPDATE: Twenty-five owners have had pipes burst today as their homes warmed up.

  11. UPDATE: Oncor was able to rotate some outages overnight, but poor grid conditions have continued to prevent us and other utilities from rotating, or rolling, the entirety of these outages, leading to extended periods without power for many of our customers. At this time, ERCOT is unable to predict when grid conditions will stabilize, and urge all customers to be prepared for extended outages to continue.

  12. UPDATE: The state’s power grid operators hope rotating outages will actually begin Wednesday, calling it the “best case” so thousands of Texans aren’t shouldering entire outages.

    That means some folks who held onto their power so far during the winter storm might have their electricity knocked out for short periods or time, while others might get short stints of power, officials with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said Wednesday.

    “The best case at this point is that today or tomorrow we’re able to at least get back down to the point where all the consumers are experiencing outages that are no longer than say 30 minutes to an hour at a time ... I think that’s a benefit,” said Dan Woodfin, ERCOT’s senior director of system operations.

  13. DUMPSTER. A RedBox+ dumpster is scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday.

  14. ERCOT announced today that all controlled outages have ended in Texas.


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