Water main negotiations

The Association has entered into talks with the civil engineers hired by the City of Dallas and responsible for creating the project plan and construction bid package for a new community water main.

Replacement of 2,400 feet of water-main, running the length of the interior drive was funded by the Dallas in 2018 and is one phase of a two year project that will break ground in July 2021.

At this time, it is not known when the LoBT phase will begin. This heavy-construction project will be ongoing in the community for 4-5 months. It will include the removal of one lane of roadway to access and replace the water main. Construction will be limited to the roadway (not lawns and driveways). The work will result in water service interruptions during the day, some owners will not have access to their garages for multi-day periods during the construction, and there will be heavy construction equipment parked in the community.

Laura Samford is leading the board negotiations with Pacheco Koch, the civil engineering firm planning the project. The goal is to keep the project as minimally invasive as possible, well organized, and to be sure the finish-out improves rather than diminishes the aesthetics of the community. Other articles on this subject are listed here.


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