A struggling lake #5

What an accomplishment in a single year!

Keith Blue and the Lake Committee have worked very well with the Bent Tree Country Club to improve the lake conditions since 2020. The plan is to continue the project into 2022.

All prior articles on this topic are located here.

The committee has met several times with the Grounds and Greens Superintendent at Bent Tree Country Club to discuss and decide what to do to mitigate the problem with algae on # 6 behind our homes.

This year a biologic called Sonar has been applied to the lake and along with a black dye to prevent too much sunlight to penetrate.

The club approved funding to start dredging some of the lakes and were starting with # 4 this year since it is one of the lakes used to irrigate the golf course. They will dredge # 6 in 2022. The cost of this is approximately $100,000 per lake.

We also discussed ordering what is called "bubblers or aerators" to add needed oxygen to the water that helps the biologic work more effectively as well as helping the wildlife in the ponds. The LOBT Board has set aside approximately $10,000 to help pay for this process.

We are doing everything that is in our control to address this but it is a very complex problem that we are dealing with. You know the old saying, "Don't mess with Mother Nature". This is a good example.


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