A struggling lake #6

Bent Tree Country Club will not be dredging the lake in 2022 as planned. While a big disappointment to us, their decision to dredge a smaller lake this year sounds like the right decision for them. Lake #6 will hopefully be dredged in 2023 using a different method more suited for the larger size of this lake #6. Bent Tree is learning from their first dredging experience in 2021. Progress is being made.

As was done last year for the first time, a biologic herbicide called Sonar has been applied to the lake. The 2022 application series has already started (much earlier than last year) and should be more effective. Also, the pond weed is not as dense this year after a full summer of anti-pond weed treatments and a prolonged cold winter.

This summer, a black dye will also be used to reduce sunlight penetration at the lake bottom where the pond weed originates. Grass-eating tilapia will be added in April as most of last year's stocking died during the prolonged cold weather.

We are back into discussions about purchasing "bubblers or aerators" to add needed oxygen to the water to help the biologics work more effectively as well as helping the weed eating wildlife in the ponds. The LBT Board has set aside approximately $10,000 to help pay for this.

All prior articles on this topic are located here.

Let's hope we can do as well in 2022 as we did 2021 and not repeat the disasters of 2015-2020.


  1. You can't see the 'pond' from half of the properties, why should they help pay for the view ?

    1. The simplest answer is that when each of us bought into the LBT community, we agreed to share the common expenses equally.

      So it is correct to say that all owners pay for central park which is most visible to 15% of the owners, all owners pay for the pool and tennis courts that only 24% owners use, all owners pay for covered parking in the southwest end of the property which is soley used by 29% of the owners, all owners pay for the 10 ft brick wall that primarily benefits 36% of the owners, and all owners pay for the lake project which is most visible to 41% of the owners.

    2. Robert Bauer (5014)July 1, 2022 at 8:18 AM

      There are undoubtedly multiple perspectives on this topic. Another one is that the golf course view drives the 55% premium selling price for LBT units over similar properties in the area. And, that 55% premium for the lake units is the comp that drives a 35% premium selling price for the Knoll Trail units over similar properties in the area. It's worth noting that one lakefront unit sat on the market for seven months during the algae bloom of 2020.

      The cost of the cooperation with the country club in the first two years (2021, 2022) has been volunteer time only - and Keith has done a great job. Adding bubblers in the future will have a financial cost of as much as $8 - $12 a month per unit.


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