Restoring fire hydrants

The three fire hydrants on property (5112, 5036, 5162) have been visually restored. The hydrants were functionally tested by the water company in June.

Blue signifies the output rating. In this case, 1,500 gallons per minute or more. The blue color is the standard set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for high volume hydrants. Green is the next level down.

The silver signifies "Dallas County public meter".

The water company painted the hydrant with a latex paint the last time they painted it. Latex generally does not adhere to oil paint and this is why the paint flaked off. This time, the hydrants were sanded before being painted with an oil paint. This painting should last longer.

NFPA approved blue reflectors have been ordered for the hydrants to make them easier to find at night.


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