Paying January Assessments

Lakes of Bent Tree is moving to a new management company in 2023. Start-up has been slower than expected and owners are asked to mail their January assessment to Sarah Johnson, the Board Treasurer, at her home address. CMA has canceled all electronic payments and is returning checks mailed to their offices.
Assessments postmarked before January 30th will be received as "on time and without penalty". Information of the management company change can be found here.

Please makes checks payable to "Lakes of Bent Trees", note your address on the check (no cash please), and mail it to:
Sarah Johnson, Treasurer
5024 Westgrove Dr.
Dallas, Texas 75248

January assessment (2022 rate):
MG Floor-plan - $677.80 (5036, 5056)
DS Floor-plan - $623.24 (atrium style unit)
CS Floor-plan - $561.73 (kitchen/den at back of unit)
BF Floor-plan - $444.85 (second floor unit)
BF Floor-plan - $440.79 (first floor unit)

January electric service charges by address:
5002 - $107.26
5024 - $115.50
5050 - $104.12
5054 - $225.11
5074 - $130.32
5076 - $34.82
5088 - $95.53
5104 - $109.55
5108 - $115.92
5114 - $152.31
5126 - $102.05
5132 - $123.30
5140 - $117.35
5144 - $114.17
5164 - $49.40

If you're not sure what a check is in this day of electronic payments, they look like this. If you don't have one, you can pick one up at the teller window of your local bank.


  1. Elizabeth Willis (5058)January 15, 2023 at 12:51 PM

    In case CMA has not reported that I paid my January HOA dues I am forwarding the information from my bank statement for you.

    I will make my February payment directly to the Board as your email indicated.

    Please advise if you need me to do something else.

    Thank you so much.

    1. A payment initiated on the 29th, most likely didn't make its way into a Association account and it will be credited back to your account by your back based on your back's cycle time for returns. We expected CMA to take payments until December 31, but there are numerous account payments from the last 3-4 days of the month being returned.

  2. Electricity payments to Sarah also?

    1. Sarah has no ability to process an ACH, a Credit/Debit Card, or take cash. Please mail a personal checks (not money orders). Sorry for the inconvenience.

    2. CMA canceled all auto payments at the end of December; around the 27th.

  3. Kendall Mullen (5068)January 15, 2023 at 1:06 PM

    Who does the check need to be made out to?

  4. Sorry to pile on with questions, but I'm showing an autopay from my bank on Dec-16th which was for January (and has not been reversed). I want to make sure that has been posted to my account for January (or not), please? Also, I had been paying $444.86 per month and the new amount is one cent less ($444.85) -- is that correct or perhaps a typo and it should remain at $444.86?

    1. A December 16 payment is likely to have been credited to your account. The longstanding contract with CMA provides that they control all the association funds and the bank accounts. The board has had no access to its bank accounts or the ability to make account inquiries. After the transition, all bank and brokerage accounts will be under the control of the board.

      There was no change in dues for January. The penny difference in the assessment amount is a rounding difference. Please pay your regular amount.

  5. Fred & Mahlon Hight (5170 Westgrove)January 15, 2023 at 5:09 PM

    We applied to be a part of the community electric service last year but never received information if we'd been accepted. If there is some other information you need, please let us know.

    1. TXU informed us late in the process that there would be a $10,000 upfront fee to add the 15 new applicants to the master contract. Will looked at energy consumption, and there was no financial advantage for owners to get on the master contract with this upfront fee. The contract expires in September of 2024, and when we renegotiate, there will be an open enrollment period without penalty. We encourage everyone to have their only enroll in contracts expire before September 2024 so that will be no early termination fees with your provider.

  6. Can we no longer access the old management website to see if they took out my Jan Fee in December?

    1. Unfortunately, no. We won't know what transacted until February, Historically, however, they did not draft auto-payments until after the first of the month.

    2. How can we confirm our check has been received? I mailed mine about a week ago but it has not been cashed. I want to make sure I’m not charged a late fee. Thank you.

  7. Where do we send February 2023 HOA payments?


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