Spring Cleaning Trash Removal

There will be a large "spring cleaning" dumpster on property for 10 days starting April 9, 2024.

This is an opportunity for residents to clean their gardens, garage or attic and dispose of bulk trash.

RedBox+ charges the Association by volume, so it is in our best interests to compact the trash and stack it as densely as possible. The side door is open to make this possible (see photo above).  If the dumpster is filled to the top line, do not add more trash - contact the board to see if another container can be ordered.

Last year we avoided any penalty charges! In prior years we have had penalty fees for overloading the container. One year it tripled our cost. Board members had to climb into the dumpster and break down boxes and situate bulk items.

Note: Do not not use the dumpster or the City of Dallas roll-carts for flammable, toxic, hazardous, or corrosive materials such as tires, paints, motor oil, batteries, and fuels. The City of Dallas operates a free collection location for disposing of these other materials. Click here to find out more.


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