Sewer repairs at 5050, 5054 and 5056

Community members in attendance at the September 11, 2019 board meeting asked for updates regarding the dirt piles near Building F.

BillyGo Plumbing was paid of $83,000.00 for emergency repairs to sewer line leaks under units 5050-5056.

In summary, cracks appeared in the mortar and sheet rock of 5056 resulting in the discovery of multiple sewer line leaks under the foundation of 5050, 5054 and 5056.

Excavation under the three units has now been completed; sewer lines repaired, City of Dallas green tag approvals obtained, and dirt replaced.

A structural engineer, John Rives, was consulted about evaluating the foundation now that the leaks have been repaired. He suggested that the water leak saturation will need to equalize to the surrounding ground prior to any assessment.

All articles on this topic can be seen here (click here).


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