Update: Sewer repairs at 5050, 5054 and 5056

Repairs to the sewer lines under 5050, 5054 and 5056 Westgrove were completed and approved by the City of Dallas in September of 2019.

The insurer, Gotham Insurance (New York, NY), has rejected the $83,000 emergency sewer repair claim filed by the Association.

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Going forward, three engineering studies will be used to monitor the situation and to determine what additional work is needed and when. One study was completed in September 2019 by the insurer and its release is pending (edit 3/19/20: link to report). A second study is planned for the end of the 2020 rainy season (May 2020) and a third is planned after the soils are dried out from the summer (September or October 2020).

The Association has been advised that ground below the buildings will need to settle and the moisture content will need to normalize before it can be determined what work is needed. 2,000 cubic feet (equivalent to 6 dump trucks or 75 tons) was excavated from three 40-50 foot long tunnels (see photos). The water leakage from the sewers was likely a long slow leakage over time.

The normalization process could take up to "a year", just as the ground expansion likely took an extended time.  The multiple engineering studies will be used to gauge that progress and determine what stabilization is needed.

Gotham Insurance have communicated that the Association insurance does not cover the sewer leaks, or any foundation repairs.  Interior damages are covered for anything behind the sheet-rock. This does not include cracks in sheet rock or flooring. See policy coverage picture.

The Association is establishing a permanent "self-insurance" fund to cover insurance deductibles and uninsurable aspects of problems like this one in the future.

All articles on this topic can be seen here (click here).

Structural engineers, Adam A. Green, P.E. MBA, and John Rives have advised on this project thus far.

Below is the exclsuion language from the insurance policy.

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