Improving the security gate performance

Several steps have been taken to improve the performance of the security gates.

The gate closing timer has been reduced from 50 seconds to 20 seconds to reduce unauthorized "follow in" traffic. Twenty seconds is a sufficient amount of time for a vehicle to enter. Also, there are safety sensors in the gateway that will prevent the gate from closing if someone is passing through the gateway.

Board members have also been trained on how to reset gates when they lock up so that they can be returned to service more readily. If a gate is locks up, please email both CMA and the board.

The gate mechanisms and the fire and EMT emergency entry boxes were inspected and have received preventative maintenance. Some capabilities of the gate that were not fully functional have been restored.

WARNING: There has been some tampering with the gate mechanism that has resulted in the destruction of one of the memory boards. Please do not attempt to adjust or service the gates. If the gate is not functioning correctly, please email both CMA and the board.


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