Update: Dog bite incident at the Lakes

There was a dog bite incident on January 4th.

To maintain a safe environment at the Lakes, the owner has enrolled their small pet in training and rehabilitation program and has agreed to have their pet wear an orange vest whenever on common grounds. Additionally, they have agreed to stay 10 feet away from resident and owners, and will warn any approaching resident or pets that their"dog may bite”.

This is an update of a January 16 story (click here to read).

There have been two pet related lawsuits and a two biting incidents at "The Lakes" in the last 20 years. The Association is encouraging all residents to work together - pet owners to be responsible with their pets and non-pet owners to be accepting of pet companions as part of our community.

The dog involved in the incident was a small white dog (Coton de Tulear) who was on a leash at the time of the incident. The pet will be re-evaluated in one year to see if the limitations can be released.


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