Walking naked in the community

An elderly gentleman was caught on security camera this week walking naked in the community at 3 AM.

Working with the security footage for two days, the person was identified as a resident of our community.

The resident has been contacted and has apologized for the incident.

Adult Protective Services was called and has assigned a case officer to assess and bring support to the situation.  Everyone involved has been handling this matter with dignity.

APS investigates abuse, neglect, exploitation, and potential danger to adults who are 65 or older or have disabilities living in the community. APS can provide short-term help with medical care, home healthcare services, and mental health services.

If an situation like this is encountered, please dial 911 and ask for emergency services. Dallas has a social worker inside the dispatch center to triage calls and send out a special team staffed with mental health professionals whenever possible.

Please also notify the CMA or the board as they are monitoring the situation.

See all crime an safety articles here.

Note: The Lake of Bent Tree Condominiums Association has very limited enforcement provisions for matters like this. Situations like this fall into the jurisdiction of Dallas County and applicable state law.


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