Protect your gate password

Soon, you will no longer need to give your password - permanent community access - to everyone who visits you.

Together we can bring an end to a period where hundreds of people had permanent access to the Lakes of Bent Tree.

Increased security will require changing habits. It will require patience as we evolve into it.

When will it happen?

New passwords and entry codes will go into effect in the next week or so as CMA enters all the security data collected by the Association. It’s a labor intensive process to transfer this information into the gate device at the front of the community.

When the data is entered and the system operational, each of us will be notified and issued our 3-digit dial-up codes that we can give to our friends and visitors. Until then, use your old pass codes.

Note: There are phone numbers posted on the gate console for any owner or visitor who needs help entering the property during the transition.

How does the gate system work?

You give your visitor/contractor your 3-digit dial-up code.
  1. When they come to the gate, they enter the 3 digits. 
  2. You will then receive a call on your phone from the gate. 
  3. When you know who it is, you press “9” on your phone and the gate opens (or * to deny).
If your visitor forget your 3 digit code, they can look you up on the console.

How do I get my 3 digit code?

It will be sent to you as soon as the system is programed with the new information you supplied to the board. When all your new codes are programmed and operational, your 3-digit code will be given to you as the final step.

This is part of the process is being done by CMA. After the information has be programmed, you will receive your 3 digit code by email.

What else do I need to do?

A. Put (972) 248-0059 in your phone directory. This is the number that all calls from the gate will originate from.

B. Use <password sent by email> when ordering anything to be delivered by UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, Amazon, etc..

C. Add and to your email white list to be sure you get all future emails.

What if I didn't send in all my information?

Password Everyone who didn't supply as 6-digit password has been assigned one and it will be provided with the 3-digit code. All 4 digit passwords are actively being taken out of the system in the next two weeks.

Fobs All unclaimed fobs are being deactivated between now and December 1. If you didn't claim your fob, there is no way to know which one it is among the other 185 unclaimed fobs in unknown circulation.

What are examples of how various people will get into the community?

Family pass code - residents, family, house cleaner, dog walker, interior plant service

3-digit code at gate - food delivery, uber/taxi, friends service people, mover, gardener, etc.

Community pass-code - Major delivery services (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, trash, utilities, and the Assassination contractors (pool cleaner, irrigation contractor, tree trimmer, gate repair, dumpster, etc.)

CMA assigned temporary code For real estate open houses. Call CMA for temporary code to be assigned to the realtor's cell phone so that they can screen incoming clients.

If you haven't done so, fill in your security profile here:

See all crime and safety articles here.


  1. Thank you all for your work on this... My gate code is programed into my car's remote system, will I need to do any re-programming of that with the new system? Jeff

  2. If it is programmed to a fob that you declared, it will continue to work.

    If it was programmed to a fob that was not declared, it will need to be reprogrammed to a declared fob.

  3. Fob Problems? We have 2 reported "nonworking fobs". If you have already changed the batteries and your fob is not working, please let us know the fob #and CMA will research it.

  4. Speaker Problems? The speaker appears to have gone out in the entry keyboard console. The gate service company has been alerted.

  5. Thank you for your work on this. Your communication is greatly appreciated.

  6. Amazing job! Thank you thank you! ~ Casey

  7. Thank you all for all the hard work. And loved all the fun facts about our great community!

  8. As luck would have it, the gate console speaker stopped working. The parts are on order.

    Please give your visitors the temporary password over the holidays. The password expires 12-31-20. It was sent to your by email. Contact Dennis Bellotto or Shannon Martin if you need the temporary password again.

    We will have the console fixed well before 12-31-20.

  9. Whenever we tested the directory, it has error-ed out in making the call, the speaker says something about long distance not being authorized. Out cell phones have MN area codes. There should not be a 1 preceding our number in the data base.

    1. This is an AT&T issue. Can you test it again, please, and let us know if this is still a problem. The phone service was changed in the last few months to accommodate all domestic area codes. We now have 12 owners with non-local area code, so resolving this is important to others as well. There is no #1 preceding any number in the database. Thanks for the feedback.


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