New Locks on Pedestrian Gates

New locks have been installed on all pedestrian gates; front and back. The combination lock uses the same password as before.

The new locks (4) are heavy duty industrial locks designed for commercial and government use. In addition to lock installation, the north pedestrian gate was realigned and the gate spring reset. The vehicle gate was also realigned; there was a gap from pedestrians push the gate to get in. The work was completed by the gardening crew.

With the new locks the board now has the ability to change the combination every year. We will change it some time in 2021 after the holiday. 

The old locks were worn out. Servicing was difficult and the repairs did not hold. We apologize for the spotty reliability this year.

Please be sure to close the pedestrian gates when you exit or enter to help keep the community secure.

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  1. There must be a special way to enter the codes for the gates - because I have tried unsuccessfully to open the gates. Surely there is an easier code....

  2. This 8 second video may help.

    In the video, the pass code is 2&4, 3 is being demonstrated; that is "press 2&4 at the same time, let go, and then press 3.

    Notice that the user turns the handle clockwise to reset/clear the keypad before entering a code. If the pass code you have entered does not work, turning the handle clockwise resets/clears the keypad for another try.

    We hope this solves the problem, but if not, please call Tim at CMA and he will be glad to help further.

    As for an "easier code"... the code will be updated in the Spring. If you have thoughts on how it should be updated, please email the board. Suggestions are appreciated.
    December 28, 2020 at 12:10 PM


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