New Association volunteers

The LBT board has assembled a team of homeowners to work together to manage the community projects for 2021. The group will start February 1 and will be in place for the remainder of the term.

John Arakelian will oversee compliance, including architectural control and rules enforcement.

Dennis Bellotto will be managing the tennis court, pools and site security.

Keith Blue will be our liaison with Bent Tree Country Club and work to bring about better management of the Lake.

Laura Sandford will liaison with the City of Dallas regarding the replacement of the water/sewer lines under the street. Laura is also going to provide database and technical oversight of security systems.

Steve Solcher will continue in budgeting/finance/accounting and oversee major projects (i.e., Building F foundation repair).

Robert Bauer
will continue with Association planning, contract/vendor sourcing, and grounds. Other articles on board staffing are here.

Community Project Articles


  1. Upcoming foundation repair is mentioned for Building F -- may I ask which building is "F"?

  2. Information about the sewer leak/foundation repair is located here:


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