Restoration contractors available

At least sixty percent (60%) of owners at Lakes of Bent Tree have suffered freeze related damages. To assist owners in their recovery, the following resources are available.

We all are struggling to understand how things could have gone so wrong this last week. It has been heartbreaking to watch our community pleading for help from public services and praying for relief. As the weather is passing and the power is back on, many have expressed difficulties in finding restoration contractors. Some have expressed concerns about out-of-state contractors and price gouging.

Restoration Contractors. While the Association has no official role in storm repairs, to assist owners in a speedy recovery we have sought out a reputable local firm who will come to Lakes of Bent Tree today to meet with individual owners interested in discussing repair services. Ling Construction, Inc. is a full service, licensed General Contracting and Renovation Company based in the Addison ( Rod Ling is a local Bent Tree area resident who has performed remodeling in the LBT community. Ling Construction will be on site at 2:00 PM today. Interested? Please call (214) 306-3574.

UPDATE: Additional contractors recommended by residents and currently doing reconstruction work in the community:
  • James Magill Restoration of Allen. James Magill (972 849-6105).  
  • Lasting Image/ Kelstro construction Mike Kelley (214 546-7604).
See all articles about the "2021 freeze" here: <click here> .

Insurance. Owners with damages that are likely to exceed their deductible are encouraged to contact their insurer as soon as possible to avoid delays. Insurers are facing a record number of storm related claims. Getting your insurer in place to work with your contractor and/or sort out neighbor related damages for you can make the process faster and easier. Your insurer may want copies of the Association Documents. We have made these available online. More information on property damage claims is available here: <click here>

Construction Drawings Various construction drawing are located here: <click here>

Electric Meter Locations
Meter locations are here <click here>

Trash collection Trash collection for this week has been canceled by the City of Dallas. A dumpster has been ordered by the Association for 10 days. It will be in place at the south end of the community by Monday or Tuesday for trash and construction debris. Having one dumpster at the south end is preferable (logistically, aesthetically, financially) to having smaller dumpsters scattered around the community in resident driveways.

Share what you are learning Sharing will help us get through this together. Owners are encouraged to ask questions and post helpful information to each here on the blog.


  1. Thank you for being so proactive in your support of our community.

  2. Really appreciate how proactive this board has been over the last few months!

  3. Two general contractors have working crews on site.

    Ling Construction, Inc.( of Addison. Randy Ling (214 306-3574)

    James Magill Restoration of Allen. James Magill (972 849-6105).

    If anyone has additional or specialized resources, please let everyone know.

  4. The association documents link will be helpful when added. Thank you

  5. Thanks for the reminder. Documents were added at 8:00AM this morning.

  6. I've added a directory of electric meter locations to the article above. ~ Dennis Bellotto

  7. DUMPSTER HAS ARRIVED It is located on the south end.

  8. I was able to repair my home which sustained a lot of damage in record time. I asked Mike Kelley, CEO to offer assistance as deemed necessary. He will be phoning.


  9. This is Mike Kelley with Lasting Image/ Kelstro construction. We did a lot of house repairs and cleaning at Elizabeth Hastings property at 5136 in the lakes of bent tree. She mentioned that others might be looking for available contractors to help with repairs in the neighborhood. Please give me a call at 214. 546. 7604 cell if you need some assistance


    Mike Kelley
    Lasting Image

  10. UPDATE: The bulk waste container has been emptied and returned.

  11. WATER METER COVERS Please be sure to have your water meter cover put back in place. Many meters are uncovered or have the cover on upside down. This is a trip/fall hazard. If you or your contractor cannot put the cover back on, please call the water company.

  12. UPDATE: The bulk waste container has been emptied and returned.


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