Water main break in roadway

There was another water main break on the south side of the community last night around 9:00 PM near 5056 Westgrove. The Dallas Water Department work crews were on the scene and working by 11:30 PM.

In the process of repairing the leak, the water department construction crew broke a two-inch natural gas line around 4:30 AM. A firetruck and Atmos Energy team arrived on the scene around 5:00 AM. They dug down to the gas line at a location north of the water main break (5044 Westgrove) and cut off the gas service. Gas was finally capped off at 8:20 AM.

Atmos completed its repairs to the gas line at 1:40 PM. They turned off all the meters to homes that were in the repair zone and will only turn them back on with a resident present and after they light the pilot lights. Atmos has subcontracted two plumbing firms to go door to door and re-light hot water heater pilot lights. The homes that lost service were south of 5042.

Water and gas service was restored by 7:000 PM and all residents that were home had gas service restored. If you were not home, call Atmos and they will send someone to light your pilot light.

The video below shows te evacuated worksite and gas bubbling up through water trapped in the hole where the water department was working to repair the break in the main.


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