Building J, K & I Drainage Recovery

Long time drainage issues affecting 5138-5170 (building J, K, and I) have been resolved and the extensive landscape damage near 5138-5142 has been functionally repaired.

Many of the drain basins were buried, some as deep as 16 inches, and many of the lines were partially or fully clogged. Resolving this required the rebuilding of the drain basins and the clearing of lines. Elevated landscape drain caps, which are less probe to clogging, were added to all drain openings. A full discussion of the drain repair work can be found here.

Years of flooding eroded large areas of vegetation which exacerbated the problem as soil filled drain basins and eventually covered them.

To significantly slow this process , the surface was contoured to direct water toward the drains and some vegetation planted to reduce erosion. Twelve tons of crushed granite were added to create water lanes (and walking lanes).

All prior articles on drainage are available here




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