Improving gate security

While increased gate security comes with some inconvenience (e.g., some people not getting into the community when they should), the feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive for controlling access to the community. It's worth noting that 43% of the homes in the community are single occupant, female.

Important: The 2021 "delivery password" expired on 12/31/21. It will be deactivated at the end of January. The replacement is described on your 2021 security profile.

Important: The southwest entry gate will down for service February 3rd and 4th. Entry into the community will need to be made at the main gate on those days. The south entry gates will be open during evening rush hour.

Suggestions for 2022
  • Use your "family password" when granting access (not the FedEx and UPS "delivery password"). When in doubt, use your family password - it is for your guests, your contractors, your grocery delivers, your cleaning services, etc.
  • Use the gate console "visitor announce".  Remember, your visitors can use the gate console and call you (no password need be exchanged). When they call, you can grant access by pressing "9" on your phone.  A newer gate console will be installed this year.
  • Change your "family password" regularly.  Every time you give your password out you are granting permanent entry. You can change your password at any time and it is recommended to do so annually, or more often if your password is going out to a lot of delivery people. As we all know, Amazon and Walmart subcontract deliveries to many small delivery services , and that brings a lot of people into the community. You should also change your password after a remodeling project (all the subcontractors will be given your password), or if you accidentally give your password to someone who you did not intend to grant permanent entry. Our individual diligence is important as it affects everyone's security in the community.
  • Be weary of tailgaters. Pay attention. You grant access when someone follows you into the community or forces you to let them in by parking in front of the entry gate. Board members have followed some of these unauthorized entries - sometimes it's other owners trying to save time, and other times it has been people who abruptly left the community when they realized they were being followed (at a distance).
  • Lock the pedestrian gates/doors. All eight pedestrian locks were serviced and coded the same in 2021. Please close the gates and lock the doors when using these locks. Please do not give the pool restroom gate code to contractors; 1) it gives them access to all gates and 2) we locked the pool restroom to keep contractors and street people out.
  • Lock you car door and don't leave gate remotes in obvious or visible locations.
Increased security requires changing habits and having patience. Thank you for your support and patience as we all work together to improve community safety.

For the trivia buffs:
Residences: 82; 62% single occupant, 43%, single occupant, female
Vehicles: 117 (1.4 per home);  55% cars, 41% SUVs, 4% pickup trucks; 45% are Mercedes, Lexus, or Audi.
Gate remotes: 134 verified and 184 deleted (2021-2022)


  1. what is the pedestrian gate code?

    1. Welcome to the community! The code for all the pedestrian locks is on your security profile.

    2. Thanks, I had not noticed that before.

  2. About two weeks ago both my gate openers stopped working on opening both gates. Also, both my vehicles are programmed to open the gates remotely and they stopped opening both gates as well. My gate code does work but I have to punch in my code at the front gate.

    Do I need to contact the management company? If so, who is the new property manager.

    1. Do I need to contact the management company? Yes. You will need to purchase a new fob.

      This was an tedious and very time consuming 18 month effort to change passwords and associate fobs to residents (like the way airlines associate luggage to passengers). Those that did not respond received multiple requests. Fobs that were not claimed were then purged from the system and can not cost effectively be added back. 98% of the 185 rogue fobs were lost, broken, or in the hands of non-residents. With regrets, 3-4 owners who did not claim their fobs were deactivated.

    2. The following unclaimed and decommissioned FOB numbers will be returned to service by April 1; **996, **720, **301, **494, **477 (first two digits not displayed for security reasons).

  3. I believe I confirmed my fob numbers last year, but mine will not open the southwest entry gate as of several weeks ago. A representative of CMA sent an email that the entry gate would be out of service 5-6 weeks. They do work on the main entry, so I think its an issue with the gate and not my fob. Is the gate out of order or do I need new fobs?

    1. The rear entry has an electric eye that needs to be replaced. The gate will be closed for 4 days (March 28-31). If the fob is not working after the gate repair, let us know.

    2. The fobs ending in ***465 was not claimed by an owner and deactivated. Unfortunately deactivated fobs cannot be reactivated at a reasonable cost and need to be replaced. ***465 will temporarily operate at the front gate.

  4. The Westgrove front gate is not responding to any codes nor owners fob to open again tiday, 2/15/23.


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