Central Park improvements

Central Park is being cleaned up and updated. The project is 90% complete.

The updating includes:
  • new tree lighting, 
  • high tree sculpting,
  • a rebuilding/modifying of the main planting box to display seasonal color, 
  • planting of a long hedgerow with Oak Leaf Holly "sentries" on the west side, 
  • removal of two smaller trees blocking the view of the lake, 
  • redoing the ground cover on the east side, 
  • concealing two large electrical transformer boxes, moving the pet waste container to a more discrete location closer to the street and under lighting and installing a stone walkway for use in inclement weather, and 
  • modifying the irrigation system to support the new landscape.
The mail pedestal, fire hydrant, and water meter were also restored/cleaned up.

This project was challenging given the enormous size of this greenbelt area. Over three hundred plants, all durable, all-season, low maintenance, disease-resistant plants consistent with the existing landscape, were planted and should last decades. Fourteen Oak Leaf Hollys, a new plant for the community and one added to both entries in 2021, were added to Central Park to add stature (see photo right). The work took eight weeks. Two trees and numerous woody or poorly growing or high maintenance shrubs and ground plants were removed. 

The tree lighting improvements have been designed and are scheduled for installation during the first two weeks of July. 

This long-talked-about cleanup will be final by the end of July.

Discussions about removing the large berms to improve the view of the lake were seriously considered but tabled for future consideration. While expensive, this project may still be a worthwhile future improvement.


  1. Very attractive, thank you!

  2. Everything is looking great. Thank you so much for improving our community!

  3. The community looks the best it has looked since I moved here 10 years ago. Thanks for the good work and attention to detail.


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