Dredging the lake

The southwest end of the lake, where the lake bottom rose above the water line and trash had collected, was dredged on June 6th – 7th.

Bent Tree Country Club agreed to dredge a small area near the southwest end of the lake after the lake bottom rose above the water line. The problem was caused by leaves that fell from large trees located near the area and on the Lakes of Bent Tree side of the lake.

Four loads of decomposing leaves where scooped out of the lake using an excavator and were hauled off.

More thorough dredging of the northeast and southwest ends of the lake is planned for 2023.

Special thanks to Keith Blue for building a relationship and working with Bent Tree groundskeeper.

Part of the cooperative agreement between the  Lakes of Bent Tree has with the Bent Tree Country Clubs is that all resident complaints will be filtered through a single spokesman, Keith. If you have a concern, please email Keith.


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