Mailbox repair and restoration

Work has begun on the six community mailboxes. The lights, some of which were burned out, have been replaced on all six pedestals with a light that matches the light color of the address lights over the garages (3000 kelvin). The aging newsletter boxes which were attached to the sides of the pedestals and which are no longer in use, were removed.

The Central Park pedestal was leaning and recently hit by a vehicle and had to be repositioned and rebuilt.

The 5064 and 5136 pedestals were also leaning and were made level and plumb.

The 5136 pedestal has had ongoing power problems dating back to 2016 and will be rewired on July 12th. The problem has been traced and is repairable.

There has been only one incidence of a mailbox break-in in the last two years, and that appears to have been a former resident.

Replacement boxes The STD-4B+, 1970's era cluster mailboxes are still in good shape and do not need to be replaced. These boxes are serviceable and parts are available if there are individual problems. New locks, for example, can be ordered online or purchased at Home Depot and are very easy to install.

For information purposes. The STD-4C mailboxes (2000's era) differ from STD-4B mailboxes as follows: 
  1. heavier materials and stronger construction,
  2. improved locks,
  3. the compartments are larger,
  4. there must be one parcel locker per 10 mailbox compartments,
  5. the 14 unit cluster unit is wider (31 inches wide) and the STD-4B cluster and will not fit the existing pedestals (21 inches wide insert space).

Note: STD-4B+ boxes are approved for all pre-2006 buildings and are still being manufactured. Only properties built after 2006 require STD-4C.



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