2020 budget and assessment rate

The board reviewed a 2020 budget prepared by CMA on October 17th and a motion to approve was given by Steve Solcher and seconded by Robyn Parrott. The budget was was unanimously approved.

The total budget is $580,000. The dues rate will be the same in 2020 as 2019.

The board discussed the possibility of a reduction in dues. Tim McConville suggested that because of the upcoming expenditures of foundations, drainage issues, and pool renovations that decreasing dues would not be in LBT’s best interest for 2020.

Mica will send an email/letter explaining to owners the reason for no dues decrease in 2020 and will include the 2020 budget.

Mica Lunt, President
Steve Solcher, Vice-President/Treasurer
Robyn Parrott, Secretary
Brian Wenning, Board Member
Joy Dennis, Board Member


  1. Thanks for the disappointing information about dues. It seems "the upcoming expenditures of foundations, drainage issues, and pool renovations" are never ever ending. Is there a time line for and projected budget to complete these never ending projects?

    1. Updates on community projects, as they are available, can be seen here: https://bit.ly/37FDDqr


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