Is your dog really ready for prime time?

Is your dog ready for prime time, or does your dog need a "we're still working on it" orange vest?

An orange vest tells others to give your boisterous hound some space. This is good for you. Good for your pup. Good for your neighbor.

We all love our dogs and in our eyes they are perfection. Unfortunately, your happy hound's eccentrics may not be equally adored by all.

Think about it. A wiggly, jumping dog can pose a serious threat to the gentleman who is six weeks out of hip surgery. A boisterous barker might be traumatizing to the woman who was bitten at age 14. And even the softest growl is upsetting.

Let's all be gracious and work together - dog owners and non-dog owners - to make the Lakes of Bent Tree a comfortable home for all.

Have a bouncing baby boy?
Make his day. Buy him a sporty orange jacket and leash.

Got an older girl who is blind and fearful?
Spoil her with a new outfit. Orange is very popular with the seniors.
It's the new black.


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