Let's leave the creative parking to the Italians

Anyone who has driven in Milan, Italy knows the pride of creative parking. The culture of Via Montenapoleone, however, is different from that of Via Westgrove.

The Lakes of Bent Tree has long standing parking practices that limit parking to garages, carports, and visitor lots. The original architects created a style that did not provide for drive-up parking.

Cars are not to be parked in the driveway at any time.

Parking a car on an angle to get it out of the fire lane or parking a car in the grass is still a violation.

There are specific permitted exceptions;
  • Cars stopped for loading and unloading (e.g., people, groceries, etc) 
  • Cars being attended to (e.g., washed, packed, warming engine, etc.)
  • Cars pulled partially (and straight) out of the garage to facilitate activities in the garage (e.g., cleaning, putting things in attic, stowing trash bins, etc.  )
  • For all of the exceptions above, garage doors should be fully open, the car should be open and the resident should be active and in the vicinity and assessable. 
If you receive a violation letter, please do not take it personally. When CMA patrols the property, they don't know this history of any resident or situation, they simply cite what they see. The first letter is a warning and to facilitate a discussion with the board, if needed. The community wants to resolve parking issues, but we're all neighbors and we want to do so without offending anyone. The CMA notices are not friendly - we apologize for that in advance - CMA provides us no option to modify them.

Let's all be gracious and work together. When we moved in, we signed on to a parking policy that has its benefits and inconveniences.

These cars were in place for 4 or more hours. It is not a pleasing sight for anyone:

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEj_-Dxgguta5vFxP0bz88dY9xgm1GlmHc-dnOdc_WNrDB_bKVKFUnx_eKMu-MFmHlBA9Q6L3u9pxhPkYY-0qlZBDRXYgLp-ZWtAoV4PK36N9lTNgI5JN6DeK9D49FCO_CeZkDJT7e_OdFCr/s320/IMG_1816+%25281%2529.jpg https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEiYqArxy0wxnzD7shzMiwSXen0bwtWYp5fekChAChefLlxdREoZd-N0rB1qcUgaD6SDmlXJJSBGohgIt9v5InkwrBxiOD7o_36QgWRZsKCdr4_M-p1A2TXSL1ZFeKlhs9K6lUQNyGHgEEHK/s320/Screen+Shot+2020-06-14+at+4.28.39+PM+%25281%2529.jpg

The deed restrictions provide that driveways shall be used only for ingress and egress to garages, and not for regular parking. Parking for guests shall be in general parking areas. Household employees, including cleaning, service and maintenance personnel should park in the garage or the designated visitor parking area.


  1. Please note that dropping off an elderly/handicapped individual after an appointment or while assisting them out to the vehicle in preparation for departure also needs to be considered during the 'loading/unloading' phase as described. Please see the Americans with Disabilities Act for additional information.

    Thank you!
    Carmen Vitton
    re: 5156

    1. Dropping off or picking up anyone or anything is permitted; people, pets, groceries, furniture, serviceman tools, repair parts, etc. But afterward, the vehicle needs to be stored in a garage, carport, or visitor parking.

      Information: The Americans with Disabilities Act covers public buildings but not condominiums. This is why we aren't required to have blue handicap parking spaces, or ramps to the mailboxes, etc. But accommodating compromised residents is extremely important to the everyone in the community.


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