93 Crape Myrtle trees treated for scale

All ninety-three crape myrtle trees on the property have been treated for bark scale. Bark scale is a highly contagious and hard to eradicate scale that drastically changes the appearance of the tree (see photo below).

Crape myrtle bark scale is one of the only scales known to infest crape myrtles.

The scale was treated with systemic insecticide which have shown the most effective. With a systemic insecticide, the root-ball is drenched and the tree takes up the insecticide via its vascular system. When the bark scale insects suck the tree sap, they are poisoned.

The infestation likely came to the Lakes via a new tree that was in planted on the property. There was no obvious evidence of bark scale in the crape myrtle trees on the grounds of bordering communities.

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  1. I hope the one in the back of my home was included. I lost a couple of my planters last year because the trees are so infected. The wind blows some of the infection down to my planters.

    1. Sorry that happened last year.

      TruGreen/ChemLawn treated 100% of the crape myrtles. Our hope is to eliminate the scale in 1-2 years and not be in an prolonged annual battle with it. If you see bark scale, please send in a work order. TruGreen/ChemLawn guarantees their work and they will come back out.


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