Update: Sewer repairs at 5050, 5052, 5054 and 5056

The Association has set aside $30,000 for this work based on the professional analysis of the forensic report conducted by the insurer.

Remediation of foundation damages resulting from sewer line leaks at building F are expected to be completed in the Winter of 2020 or possibly the Spring of 2021.

A laser level analysis will be performed in late May on all four homes in the four-plex and it will require entry into the homes.

All articles on this topic can be seen here (click here).

The long timeline on this project is due to (1) the need for the soil to settle and for the moisture content under the building to normalize and (2) the seasonal fluctuations in the soil expansion. Implementing the remediation work prematurely is likely to be more intrusive and costlier.

Engineering studies will be used to monitor the situation and to determine what work is needed and when. One study was completed in September 2019 (link to report). A second study is planned for the end of the 2020 rainy season (May 2020) and a third is planned after the soils are dried out from the summer (September or October 2020).

The Association has interviewed five structural engineers and for the May and September laser level elevation studies.


  1. Michael Gandy of Lighthouse Engineering was retained as lead engineer and to perform the May elevations study.
  2. May survey partially completed on May 20, 2019.
  3. Follow-up on 5054-5056 August 6, 2020. 


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