Irrigation repairs

The irrigation system is undergoing a detailed inspection to systematically identify and repair malfunctions.

The number of previously undiscovered underground line breaks is far more than expected (photo record of repairs).

The repairs are complicated by the lack of a detailed irrigation drawings identifying the locations of the 60+ underground electronic valves - many of which have been hard to find.  The photo below shows two valves that were hidden by a gardener - covered with 4 inches of topsoil and then two concrete stepping stones placed on top.

The first priority is major underground line breaks and mapping of the system. The contractor, Waterboy, is currently working one day a week and has 40% of the system inspected and fully functional (controller 1, 2, 3).

Once this first phase is complete, the second priority will be to get the system online so that it can be managed from a computer.  The goal will be to maintain a adequate moisture level at 3” below the surface to supply the turf grass and shrubs. The Texas A&M pre-water protocol will be used to maximize usable irrigation and minimizes water run off.

A third phase will focus on sprinkler head adjustments requested by owners.


  1. Thank you for this communication. Is it possible that this information be distributed regularly to ALL residents? Thank you.

    1. Six newsletters linking to the blog have been emailed in the last 4 months on February 27, April 15, April 28, May 4, May, 22, and June 23. The plan is to continue to have periodic email notices for the most important postings (not all postings). We don't want anyone to feel "spammed".

      The emails are written to provide the basic message in 2-3 sentences. Owner who want more information can click through to the full article.

      Owners can also access the blog on the front page of the Lake of Bent Tree website.

      Owners who want immediate notice may subscribe to the blog and get an email notice the minute a new article is posted. Contact the board for more information.


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