Update: Irrigation repairs

Three months ago, the Association started a 100% inspection/repair of irrigation system. It was expected to take 3-4 days.

Currently the project is 14 days in and only 70% of the community has been is fully inspected. Over 30 serious leaks have been found, all verified by board members. Many that have obviously be there for years. The photo to the right show a pipe the was broken long enough for a tree root to grow into it. Here is a sampling of repair breaks (photo record of repairs).

Three full days were spent digging trenches to tracking down underground wires cut during a repair done in January by the former landscaper (photo to right). Some of the irrigation equipment access has been buried and not accessible for a long time such as valves and check valves.

In addition to helping improve the landscape, these repairs should help reduce the $30,000 annual water bill. The Texas A&M pre-water protocol has been used this summer to maximize usable irrigation and minimize water run off.

Once this first phase is complete, the second priority will be to get the system online so that it can be managed from a remote computer. The equipment has been in place for a few years, but is not online.

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