Update: Sewer repairs at 5050, 5052, 5054 and 5056

5056 Westgrove will need foundation remediation following the sewer leak.

The 2019 sewer leaks and the subsequent leak repairs to Building F created foundation problems that lie mostly with unit 5056 and are most pronounced in the garage area.

The findings of an engineering study concluded that while the swelling of the ground from the leaking water caused the foundation of 5056 Westgrove to heave, it was the the extensive tunneling under 5056 that caused the most structural damage that needs to be repaired (see drawing to the right - click to enlarge).

Piers will be needed to stabilize 5056. Some of the piers will be added along the common wall between 5054/5056 Westgrove. The engineer didn’t see any need for foundation repairs for 5050-5052 Westgrove and a final report was issued for those two units (click here).

The Association will conduct a final engineering analysis in early February and develop a construction plan. Construction is tentatively scheduled for March.

It is anticipated that the cost for this repair could be as much as $30,000 more than the $85,000 spent in 2019. Repair costs will be funded from the emergency reserve. There will be no special assessment.

All articles on this topic can be seen here (click here).


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