Christmas and Ground Lighting

Dallas Landscape Lighting was on property today to renovate the tree lighting system in the entry.

Rather than spend heavily on Christmas lights that only display for 4 weeks, the Board opted to replace and reposition the current tree lighting a bit more dramatically and then go with a simple gate wreaths on the front and back gates. The three year cost on this program will be 61% of the three year costs of the 2019 program.

Dallas Landscape Lighting was involved in the original installation years ago and knows the system. The lighting was partially upgraded in recent years by Lentz Landscape Lighting, another reputable firm.

The lights will be on this evening. The locations, brightness, and direction of the lamps will be adjusted after two weeks of operation. The parking lot lights (tall poles) will be adjusted later this month.

The 2019 holiday lighting is discussed here.

Other community projects are discussed here.


  1. The power to the East wall sign and the monument sign is down. It is scheduled to be repaired on Friday. The front lamp post is out (bulb) and that repair has been ordered (separate company).

  2. The east wall power has been restored and the tree lights adjusted.


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