Irrigation system mapped

The irrigation system has been 100% inspected and all 62 zones have been located, labeled, repaired and are operational.

In general, a good map of an irrigation system is essential to servicing an irrigation system; more so with the LBT system which has very unconventional layout. During the 3 month process of mapping, many problems missed by the prior landscaper were found. Five zones had lost electrical connection and were lost (unknown location) and not operating. Forty-three (43) significant underground water line breaks were also found. Many were years old. All were repaired.

In 2021, the map will be used to optimize zone timing. Historically, all zones were set for the exact same amount of time. This is why some areas were flooded and others dry. In practice, all zones are not equal - sun exposure, slope, and number of heads means that some zone need more time and others less to wet the turf. The map below shows the location, the days the system runs and the run-time. For example, in the setting for zone 8 (5100 Westgrove) is set to irrigate on Monday and Thursday for a 5 minutes pre-soak starting at 12:46 AM and 20 minute soak at 4:24 AM. Over time, as adjustment are made to zones, the adjustments will be become part of an algorithm. For example, zone 4 is set to always run at 200% of the time of zone 1.

Also in 2021, the system will go online. At some point in the past, the system was upgraded for online operation, by the system is not currently set up and operational in 2019-2020. Online operation will mean that the watering times can be adjusted from a computer or telephone. This will allow the system to be easily ramped up during a 100ยบ heat spell, or quickly dialed back if there has been decent rainfall  in the previous 10 days without spending two hour on sight making adjustments to controller boxes.


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