Update #4 Flash Flooding at building I - J

Repair of the longstanding drainage issues at buildings I - J, near Knoll Trail, will be completed this month.

Work behind 5140 - 5170 is in progress and is expected to be completed by the end of June.

The photo to the right shows a critical element of the drain system network had been buried 12 inches below the surface and inoperable for years. 16 homes depend the on the function of this drain box

All prior articles on drainage are available here.

Chris has been able to restore the existing drainage with an industrial water jet, pipe cameras/scopes, and his trouble shooting skills.

The infrastructure consists largely of solid pipe (not the light gauge corrugated pipe often used in landscape drainage installations) and the pipes are in good shape. The problems have been primarily dense obstructions from construction tile mortar and paint, as well as environmental material like acorns and clay.

The photo below shows a drain that was buried 12 inches under the ground and inoperable.


  1. Thank you ! Thank you! This has been a problem for years. Overseeding between 5138 and 5140 helped, but it is still necessary for us to rake debris from the top of our flat French drain after storms to keep it working. Also, years ago the drain in my front courtyard was filled with dirt by a contractor the board had hired. That drain was near the downspout by my front window. Water stood in it all of the time, and I requested it be cleaned out due to constant mosquito problem, but instead of cleaning out drain, the contractor filled it with dirt. The current downspout should at least have a bit of an extension to run water further from the foundation as my courtyard fills with water pretty fast with the weather we've been having. Thank you for all you are doing. Linda Doenges - 5140

    1. Thanks for the feedback. All the drain covers between 5140 - 5170 will be set up with green domed grills like in the photo above. The drain at 5140 may be too large to dome, but if one can be found, it will be installed.

    2. UPDATE: A dome foe 5140 has been purchased and will be installed.


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