Update: Sewer repairs at 5050, 5052, 5054 and 5056

RS Foundations completed foundation remediation work on 5054 and 5056 this week.

The 2019 sewer leaks and the subsequent leak repairs to Building F created foundation problems that lie mostly with unit 5056 and are most pronounced in the kitchen and garage area.
Piers were needed to stabilize 5056. Some of the piers were added along the common wall between 5054/5056 Westgrove. The engineer didn’t see any need for foundation repairs for 5050-5052 Westgrove and a final report was issued for those two units (click here).

  1. The first diagram shows the elevations of the foundation. As is typical in an older foundation, there is normal unevenness. The dark blue areas are the areas of concern.
  2. The second diagram shows the movement if the foundation over the 1 years of measurements. The green colors indicate normal movement to be expected as the soul expands in the wet season and contracts in the dry.
  3. The third diagram shows the areas of the foundation (in red) that need to be raised to balance the home and relieves the stresses on the building.

It was anticipated that the cost for this repair could be as much as $30,000 more than the initial $85,000 spent in 2019. The cost for  this final phase come in under budget at $26,000. Repair costs were funded from the emergency reserve. There will be no special assessment.

All articles on this topic can be seen here (click here).


  1. My unit is 5052. What's going on with it? Haven't moved in. Don't know anything about this. Thanks!


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