New Trash Collection Day

Beginning December 5th, trash collection will be on Mondays. Thursday collection will be discontinued permanently.

Residents may sign up for automatic trash collection notices (email, text, phone call) from the City <here>. Carts should not be placed out earlier than 6:00 PM. Remember, many residents entertain on weekends and the roll carts are not a welcome sight to anyone entertaining.

This week (Thanksgiving week), collection is scheduled for Friday, November 25, instead of Thursday's regular collection day.

Collection for the following week will be on Thursday, December 1st; after that, collection will be on Mondays, including the Monday after Christmas.

Owners are reminded to place trash out on the morning of collection (or late the night before) and to stow their roll carts after collection on collection day. Please make arrangements with a neighbor if you are not home to put the trash out or stow the roll cart.

Lastly, owners often ask about getting a different size roll cart. The City will exchange your current cart for a bigger or smaller cart on request. There are three sizes:
  • 96 gallon cart – 41” height x 30” wide x 36” deep
  • 64 gallon cart – 39” height x 25” wide x 31” deep
  • 48 gallon cart – 34” height x 23” wide x 29” deep


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