Improving gate security

There are 150 fobs in circulation beyond the current owners and a vast number of outsiders with password access to the community.

A safety committee has been set up that will work with owners to retire old passwords and unclaimed fobs to tighten community security.

The committee's objectives are four-fold:

Replace pass codes  Replace the existing password database which is known to a vast number of non-residents; every person that has attended a real estate open house, all former Association contractors, former friends, former owner contractors, as well as former residents and all their associated friends and contractors.

There are 103 active pass codes. 20% of owners don’t have their own registered pass code and use one belonging to another owner. 29% of the pass codes belong to old residents. 27% are easy to guess (14% are birth years, 11% are house numbers, 2% are even more obvious). All 4-digit pass codes will be replaced with 6-digit pass codes.

Fobs of unknown location  Currently there are 230 fobs in circulation and it is estimated that 150 of those fobs are in circulation outside of the possession of owners. Fortunately, individual fobs can be deactivated in the Linear system. This will require the committee to inventory the serial numbers of the fobs in the possession by owners and vendors (see serial number in photo) and deactivate the 80+ "unknowns".

Make the entry console functional.  The visitor call-up function is largely unusable. As a result, owners must give passwords to contractors and occasional visitors. 15% of owners do not even have a functioning dial up number in the system; either no number or a disconnected number. Fortunately, parts are still available for the Linear AE-1000 so it can be repaired inexpensively and put back into full service.

Service the security cameras and software.  The software needs to be updated and some of the cameras are not functioning. Additionally, the Association does not have a listing of owner vehicles that can be used  to help identify unauthorized use of the pool and help in identify outsider traffic when reviewing security video footage.

Action. The committee will be reaching out to owners to update and modify the safety records. A database has been put together to collect and manage the resident safety data going forward.

The committee will reach out to every owner, there is no need to do anything today. This effort will be done carefully so as to minimize the likelihood of a major inconvenience. Your support and patience is appreciated.

Note: There are vendor passwords for US post office, City of Dallas (trash and water), Oncor, CMA,
Carter Pest Control, and Pool Pro. All other contractors are using various homeowner passwords.


  1. Please include the repair/update the pedestrian gate codes that they too work. Thanks.

    1. Yes! The pedestrian gates, too!

    2. The combination locks on the pedestrian gates were repaired 3 weeks weeks ago and have failed a second time - both interior locks. We are looking into whether the locks were misassembled or need to be replaced. Thanks for the comment!

    3. New locks are being ordered for the gates.

  2. This was long overdue! Thanks to everyone on the committee for making our homes more secure.

  3. Have you started reaching out to residents about the fobs yet?

    1. No, not yet.

      We are working to replace the face in the front entry as it is not functioning (key pad works, but the directory does not). We completed a database for managing the that resident records. We are working with contractors to get new codes out to them.

      We have established a single number for all owners to use for cabs, food delivery, and couriers and will be sending that out to owners in the next news alert.

  4. I think it is great that we are finally getting this fixed. It made no sense that so many strangers had access. It makes being in a gated community null and void.

    This is a great job your board is doing.

    One dilemma: I do not have a key fob and my car is programmed to open the gates via a button. How do I change the car number. Do I go to Sewell’s with the key fob when I receive it? Since my husband set this up in the car before he passed away, I have no idea how this was done.


  5. Yes, you would need to order a new gate fob from CMA and then have someone program it in.


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